The Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers
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One Of The Company's Treasures - Click Here To View The Company Treasures PageThe Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers is a City of London Livery Company which was awarded its Royal Charter in 1670, but the Company is first recorded as a trade association for the makers of pattens in 1379 and the trade itself dates from the 12th century or earlier.

This year the Company celebrates the Tercentenary of receiving its Livery - awarded during the reign of George 1st in 1717.

Pattens were under-shoes designed to be worn outdoors and to lift the wearers and their shoes and ladies' dresses above the mud and grime of early streets.

Today the Pattenmakers' Charitable Foundation has developed a new role in funding the design and bespoke fabrication of orthopaedic shoes, particularly for the UK's injured servicemen.

The Company continues to draw its membership from the footwear industry and from many other walks of life. The Company's main focuses of activity are charity, fellowship and participation in the life of the City of London.