The Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers
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Clerks' List

The following is a list of all Clerks to the Company from 1669 to the present day.

1669Charles Snow
1676J Gorstelow Snow
1679Brian Courthorpe
1685John Wheatley
1713Robert Johnson
1725William Ullock
1750Samuel Ullock
1762George Wade
1767Lazarus Pryke (MASTER 1777)
1773Moses Penton
1775Richard Johnson
1782Lazarus Pryke
1785Henry Woodthorpe
1803Henry Woodthorpe jnr
1826John Silvester
1826James Francis Firth
1855John Thornton
1875Henry Frederick Youle
1894Charles Fitch
1924William Sparks (MASTER 1908)
1926Oswald Clark Isard
1947Jasper Robertson Greenop
1970Anthony Noel Eskenzi CBE CC (MASTER1985)
1973Anthony James Hucker
1987Paul Merritt
1995Squadron Leader Christopher Ledger
1999Colonel Robert William Murfin TD DL